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i’m sorry guys that i haven’t been able to post a lot in the past week. This is because I am at a french camp for a full month and if you have ever been at a camp, then you will know that it is hard to get spare time, also the internet connect sucks but lets not talk about that. I will try to answer requests but it may take me a while and I am sorry about that. Thank you for your patients with me!!

Turquoise & Ruby Ring available at - exact
Turquoise & Ruby Ring available at - exact
www(.)twitter(.)com/OttomanHands/status/476331733198323712 and www(.)twitter(.)com/XtigeNYC/status/468853739689111553 thank me later xx


Hi I don't know if you already know, but Bobble Lace Crop Top (blue) from topshop is an exac I guess :) Oh and with her blue shoes I didn't mean her blue boots haha! She also has blue open flat shoes, which are very similar to some on newlook :)

okay, thank you! but do you know when she has worn the Bobble Lace Crop Top. I can’t seem to find it. I may just be really stupid and can’t remember it though. And same for the flat shoes, do you know when she has worn them?? but thank you soo much!!

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Thank you for all this answers! May I tell you that I could bought this exact crop top from h&m because of your blog? Thank you soo much! Xx

aww yay! Im glad i could help you out!!xx

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