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Hello and welcome to Birdy's Style.
This is the first blog dedicated to the lovely style of singer/songwriter Birdy.
My name is Katlyn,
and you are always free to ask anything, and I also take requests.
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searching for sets
Hey! :) On the cover of Birdy's first Album she wears a Marc by Marc Jacobs Uma Long Sleeved Sweater. Hope, I could help you ;* xoxo

oh my goodness, thank you so much, help finding exacts, you are just too nice xx

I love this blog soo much. I wish, I could have a blog like this! Thank you soooo much for doing this! You're a very, very lovely Person! Thank you :***

omg, this is soo kind. You can,youuu cannn doooo anythingg. But thank yuo soo sooos oooo much, i think i may be blushing because of this now. xx

Can u make some sets with jack wills clothes? Thanks so much xxx

omg, yeah sure gurrrl, gotta love jack wills xx

What does birdy like for her make up?

she usually uses a thin line of black liquid eye liner with shimmery earth tones of eye shadow, and of course mascara. Lately she has be using thinker eye liner and winging it. From what it looks, she doesn’t like going over board with make-up,the minimum amount. Enough so it still looks natural xx


I wish none of you were sad

What country do u reside in, love?

I live in the lovely country of Canada xx

40 :))

OMG , my favourite store, umm well where i live there really isn’t any good store so I always sop at Gap , but sometimes we will drive to H&M which i love, but I also really love Topshop and Zara

39 :)

i fantasize about getting dick. jk. actually i take that jk back. and i fantiasize about money, like who doesn’t. and if i didn’t live where i lived


The new song “Not About Angels” by Birdy on the #TFIOS soundtrack is giving us all kinds of #feels. #TFIOSmusic


The new song “Not About Angels” by Birdy on the #TFIOS soundtrack is giving us all kinds of #feels. #TFIOSmusic

aww thank you for you explaining, if you need help I always want to help you searching her clothes :)

aww no problem and thank you, i may just have to ask sometimes ;) xx

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